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Creativity, whether innate or learned, is inescapably a part of how humans engage with the world. We use creativity in song, the written word, visual art… but we also wield it each time we problem-solve, navigate friendships, or strategize on how to reach our goals. Creativity, then, is universal to humans; and to Cassidy, its ability to cross social and cultural boundaries is what makes music and art invaluable.

As a violinist and storyteller, Cassidy is constantly exploring ways to connect artists across cultures and disciplines, all while inviting audiences to personally engage in concert experiences that emphasize cross-disciplinary collaboration, newly composed or little heard repertoire, and above all a personable atmosphere. Some of her work includes the YInMn Project (pronounced “IN-min”), Converge New Music, and cross-disciplinary performances like To Bloom.

Her current pursuits include developing the YInMn Project, planning tours with Room 1078, writing story-song-improvisations with Muqi Li, and completing a Master of Music under Markus Placci at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Cassidy earned her Bachelor of Music from the University of Michigan under David Halen, with concentrations in violin performance and music history.