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Music | Art | Collaboration 

Cassidy Goldblatt is a violinist, artist, and visionary fascinated with people and their shared artistic interests. Her performances emphasize cross-disciplinary collaboration and often feature little-heard or newly composed repertoire, fostering an engaging atmosphere compelling to mixed audiences. Cassidy has initiated and directed projects such as To Bloom (2016), a live video production which featured contemporary dance, new compositions, and lighting and set design; and Converge (2015-present), an  Ann-Arbor-based new music collective whose aim is to creatively broaden contemporary music’s audience base. She was named an EXCELerator Fellow in 2015 for her work with Converge, and her collaborations coincided with and have helped advance the development of a more active partnership between student composers and performers at the University of Michigan.

Ongoing projects include the YInMn ('in-min) Project, Room 1078, By the Skin of Our Teeth, and performing with ensembles such as Vertex, the Berklee Middle Eastern Fusion Ensemble, and the Boston Chamber Symphony. She is currently pursuing her Master of Music under Markus Placci at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, having recently earned a Bachelor of Music from the University of Michigan under David Halen , with dual concentrations in violin performance and music history.