Tata Made for Jumping Cow (2018)

A scripted, narrative improvisation, “Tata Made for Jumping Cow” is the first of Cassidy Goldblatt and Muqi Li’s set of story-songs. This tale, set in Uttar Pradesh, India in 1999, recounts one of Cassidy’s near-death childhood experiences…



Improvisation (2018)
Cassidy Goldblatt & Muqi Li

Sonata posthume (1897)
Maurice Ravel

Sonata for Violin and Cello: II. Très vif (1922)
Maurice Ravel

Sequence of Light (2018)
Tanner Porter


String Trio No. 1 (2017)
Timothy Peterson

|Saeculum →

Saeculum is a dance cantata scored for string quartet and choir, featuring Room 1078 and //meridian vocal ensemble


Los Guisados de la Berenjena
Traditional, arr. Cassidy Goldblatt

Neshwa (2017)
Amal Waqar

Cantorial Airs (2006)
Michael Schachter

Saeculum (2017)
Douglas Hertz, composer / Al Evangelista, choreographer

To Bloom (2016)
Multidisciplinary Collaborative Recital

|To Bloom →

To Bloom, directed by Cassidy Goldblatt, was a multidisciplinary collaboration featuring contemporary compositions, newly choreographed and improvised dance, and original lighting design. Funded by the University of Michigan, it was recorded live in the Duderstadt Center's Digital Media Commons.