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  • Boston Conservatory at Berklee, T401 (map)
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Join Cassidy Chey Goldblatt for an afternoon of music exploring Time—time's resolute but finite march, its direction by heavenly bodies, the timelessness of music, and the experience of passing time in the company of friends enjoying musical art together.

This program features works by Albert Roussel, Karol Szymanowski, Maurice Ravel, and Eugene Ysaÿe along with the premiere of a work for solo violin by Tanner Porter. More info to come!

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3:00 PM15:00

YInMn Project

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Room 1078
Terminus Ensemble
Safety Second
Caleb Herron
Joshua DeVries

The YInMn (‘in-min) Project is a new music festival designed to introduce contemporary listeners to music that’s vibrant, engaging, and not yet widely known, all within an engaging and visually oriented performance setting. The festival takes its name from the recently discovered YInMn Blue, a color which is not only new but also—like much contemporary music—spectacularly vivid.

Drawing artists from the South, the Midwest, and the Northeast, the YInMn Project highlights the variety within contemporary music, whether it be inspired by funk, folk, or more conventional traditions. This year's event will be hosted by Whitespace and is set to close out artist Matt Haffner's show, with sets including ample time to mix, mingle, and explore the visual art as much as the music itself.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/181086252536301/

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7:00 PM19:00

Room 1078 at University Commons

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Room 1078 presents an mixed concert of contemporary works by Dorothy Lawson, Matthew Browne, Michael Gilbertson, and Caroline Shaw; improvisations; (sung) traditional French music; and previews from their just-released album collaboration with Nathan Thatcher, By the Skin of Our Teeth

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8:30 PM20:30



Join Berklee's Middle Eastern Fusion Ensemble for a riveting blend of music from the 13th century to the present, Egypt to India to Brazil and everything in between. 

Directed by Christiane Karam
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FEATURING: Amir Darabi, Nirvan Athreya, Cassidy Chey Goldblatt, Farzin Dehghan, Tano Brock, Panos Aivas, Amal Waqar, João Perrusi, Manos St, Harsha Thangirala, 'Berker Banar, Panos Georgakopoulos, and Sarthak Mudgal

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6:00 PM18:00

War Is a Racket


A new chamber opera by Greg Nahabedian, War is a Racket is based on the life of Smedley Butler, an early 20th century marine general who was asked by a shadow organization of Wall Street bankers to lead a violent coup against FDR. 

The premiere, on 04/22 at 4PM, will feature Alec Norkey, Cassidy Goldblatt, Emilie Catlett, Brianna Tagliaferro, Kevin Madison, Chris Janson, Neil Parsons, Cory Gross, David Vess, Felix Tomlinson, Joshua Scheid, Julian Drummond, Liam Mcgookin-Cunningham, Shannon Leigh, Marcus Schnenck, Michele Frances, Neil McNulty, and Nora Burgard.

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