Room 1078

Room 1078’s mission is to continually support the 21st-century evolution of classical music, using innovative takes on contemporary repertoire, improvisation, and folk music to break barriers between musicians and audience members. The quartet constantly seeks to inspire future generations to engage with art through passion, energy, and dedication brought to live performance. 

Founded in 2015 at the University of Michigan as part of Converge, a new-music collective, Room 1078 has worked tirelessly to promote the music of emerging student composers. They recently released their first album collaboration—By the Skin of Our Teeth, music composed by Nathan Thatcher—and were thrilled to participate in the inaugural YInMn Project in Atlanta in June of 2018.

Take a listen to some of their work, including "Chai," (2005) "The Pilgrim," (2015) and "Great Danger Keep Out" (2013).